Hydrotox GmbH – GLP laboratory and experts in
environmental exposure and risk assessment

Hydrotox is a privately owned contract research laboratory providing also consultancy services for regulatory affairs since 30 years. The company offers GLP studies for assessing biodegradability, ecotoxicity and genotoxicity of chemicals and mixtures, next to Non-GLP efficacy testing for algaecides. Beside our testing capacity Hydrotox also realises research projects on behalf of national or European authorities and industry. The combination of research and applied laboratory work with expert knowledge allows us to provide a targeted and cost-effective consultancy for regulatory affairs.



In order to provide high-level experience in all scientific areas relevant for biocides Hydrotox joined RegisGate with competent partners (FoBiG, ECT, Battelle).

Based on its broad experience in environmental risk assessment within this partnership Hydrotox covers the environmental exposure and risk assessment, following ECHA guidance. Further on, the current status of the Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR) is followed regularly within the running biocides projects. This concerns background information on Biocides and the implementation of the BPR (status of implementation, Manual of decision, discussion at CA/ECB, ongoing research projects, literature research, etc.).

Hydrotox has been engaged in several research projects for national and European competent authorities. Reduction of the use of biocides – evaluation of alternatives to biocide application German Federal Environment Agency, FKZ 3714 67 403 0, 1/2015 – 10/2018


  • Analysis of measures geared to the sustainable use of biocidal products. European Commission, DG Environment, 2014-2015 (together with Milieu Ltd, Brussels)'

  • Development and Dissemination of Best Practice on Sustainable Use of Biocidal Products. European Commission, DG-Environment, 2007-2008 (together with Milieu Ltd, Belgium and RPA Ltd, UK)

  • Environmental sound use of disinfectants, masonry preservatives, and rodenticides. German Federal Environment Agency (research project FKZ 3711 63 410, 11/2011 - 07/2014)

  • Cumulative exposure assessment and risk characterization of biocidal products. German Federal Environment Agency (research project FKZ 3711 63 412, 11/2011 – 5/2014) 

  • Efficiency and practicability of risk mitigation measures for biocidal products (disinfectants). German Federal Environment Agency (research project FKZ 3710 67 406, 11/2010 - 04/2011)

  • Efficiency and practicability of risk mitigation measures for biocidal products (wood preservatives and insecticides). German Federal Environment Agency (research project FKZ 3709 65 402, 11/2009 - 03/2010)